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Save Money on Your Car Financing

Why You Should Consider a Finance Broker Instead of Dealership Finance.

When it comes to financing a car, many people go straight to the dealership to arrange their finance. According to Experian, 61% of people still finance their car through the dealership, but this may not always be the best option. In fact, using a finance broker can often save you money and provide better terms for your car loan. 

So, why should you consider using a finance broker instead of dealership finance? 

  1. More product options: A finance broker can normally offer you a wider range of financing options than a dealership. They have access to many different lenders and can compare rates and terms from multiple banks to find the best deal for you. This means you can choose a product that best fits your needs and budget. 
  2. Objectivity: A finance broker is not tied to any one lender or brand of cars. This means they are more likely to provide you with unbiased advice and help you find the best financing solution for your situation. They can also explain the terms and conditions of each loan and help you understand the total cost of financing. 
  3. Time savings: While arranging financing through a finance broker can take a little longer than getting dealership finance, it can ultimately save you time in the long run. Instead of shopping around and negotiating with multiple lenders on your own, a finance broker can do the legwork for you and present you with the best financing options. This can be particularly helpful if you have a busy schedule or don't have the time or expertise to navigate the world of car financing. 
  4. Potential cost savings: One of the biggest advantages of using a finance broker is the potential cost savings. Because they have access to a wider range of lenders, they can often find lower interest rates and better terms than those offered by dealerships. Additionally, some lenders offer exclusive rates to finance brokers, which can result in even greater savings for you. 

Something to look out for:

Some dealerships & brokers may add hidden fees and charges to your financing agreement, which can increase the overall cost of your loan. There are many finance brokers and dealerships that don’t do this however, and at James Murray Finance we ensure that everything about your finance agreement is clear and transparent. We do not charge any fees to our clients and our remuneration comes directly from the bank the finance has been arranged with. This gives clients even more reasons to explore an alternative route to dealership finance.

In conclusion, using a finance broker to arrange your car financing can save you money and provide you with a wider range of options. While it may take a little longer than dealership finance, the potential cost savings and objectivity can make it well worth the extra time. So, before you head to the dealership for your next car purchase, consider reaching out to a finance broker like James Murray Finance to explore your finance options.  

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James Murray

Meet James, the founder of James Murray Finance. With nearly two decades of industry experience and seven years dedicated to the finance sector, James has worked with a wide range of businesses, from startups to established enterprises. Read More >

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